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What is carboxytherapy?
It’s the application of carbon dioxide microinjections under the skin, in areas requiring treatment.

How does it work?
Injecting CO2 under the skin causes hyper distention in the tissue beneath, that is, blood vessels dilate and oxygenate the tissue, liberating different toxins, the final results being fat cell destruction and activation of microcirculation.

How is it applied?
Through microinjections under the skin.

Facial rejuvenation.
Treatment of dark circles and bags under eyes.
Removal of fatigue marks.

Number of sessions
The recommended number of sessions needed to achieve the desired results is 10 to 15.

Reduced puffiness and under-eye circles

Illuminates your look


Remove bags under eyes and dark circles
This carbon dioxide facial treatment, treats the color of the dark circles reducing their dark hue, as well as the bags that are created under the eye, eliminating the appearance of fatigue and the can in the area of the look, which creates an aging effect.
Rejuvenate your look in Tomassetty!
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